Review of "The B1A4 I IGNITION SPECIAL EDITION" album bought from kpoptown

So; I recently bought B1A4's latest album -  their re-package of the ignition album and I thought I'd do a rewiev of it here ^^ I'm sorry for doing it in english instead of swedish but... I feel like doing it in english XD
Let's begin by looking at a picture of the album :)
So firstly I'll talk a bit about the place I bought it from - it was from kpoptown, a site I've used before when I ordered SHINee's Sherlock mini album and the "regular" edition of Ignition. Both times I've used the site it's been good - they shipped out the albums quickly, the shipping wasn't all that long and price wise it's been reasonable (that's actually my biggest reason for using them - that for me it's been the cheapest option). I also like the fact that they sent me some stickers of the boys together with album although they're the same picture I got the last time XD
These are the stickers they sent me:
Sadly, this time my album happened to come in bad shape since a corner of the box where all the postcard are was broken... 
There was no harm made on the postcards though ^^
But this wasn't really their fault - it most probably happened while being shipped.. I didn't try to cotact them as I didn't see it as that much of a problem, instead I fixed it with the help of my dad with some glue, as seen in this picture:
So.. now moving on to a closer look at the album ^^
It came with, of course, a CD with all the songs, a booklet with all the lyrics, a photocard and 72 really good looking postcards. As for the photocard, as can be seen in the second picture, I got Baro's. It wasn't really the one I wanted (I hoped for Jinyoung or Gongchan) but I'm happy anyway :)
Here's a close-up picture of it :P For some reason I can't rotate the picture so.. either you can look at it as it is or you can turn your head sideways XD
The postcards were really, really good quality and include beautiful pictures of the boys - there's too may too show you but there were an equal amount of pictures of all the members so no matter who your bias is you'll be happy - and since Jinyoung is mine I'll just show of my favorite of him ;P
Isn't it lovely? \(♥_♥)/
I guess this is where I'll end my rewiev - I won't go into talking about the tracks or so - if you want to know my thoughts on them you can just leave a comment or in some other way contact me and I'll tell you my honest opinions about whatever you want to know :P
If you want to buy this for yourself or something else K-pop related from kpoptown then by all means visit their store, simple by clicking on the logo below ^^
/Kram Fia


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